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Liebevoll geschmückte individuelle Geschenke. 

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Exquisite fine food from all over the world



Olive oil from Tuscany

made from italien olives

Aceto Balsamico from the vinegar producer Acetaia Malpighi, Modena

Vinegar made in Italy

Die Fässer für die Reifung des Balsamico-Essigs von der Essigmanufaktur Acetaia Malpighi
Weinberge und Anwesen der Essigmanufaktur Acetaia Malpighi
Saporoso und Prelibato von der Essigmanufaktur Acetaia Malpighi aus Modena
Barbera d'Alba Superiore

Wines from Manera Winery

Small winery in Piedmont with excellent wines.


Larusée Le Pastis - der Schweizer Pastis

LARUSÉE - The Swiss Pastis

Gold medal winner in Paris!

How to serve Pastis - the serving order is important .

  • Pour 3 cl Larusée Pastis in a glass

  • Add ice cold water as you like it

  • Add ice cubes to the mixture


LARUSÉE - Absinth

Absinth blanche  - with organic Edelweiss

Absinth bleue - comes from a ancient recipe

Absinth verte - known as " die grüne Fee"

Absinth Vieille - aged for 18 month in oak barrels

Larusée Absinth verte - bekannt als die grüne Fee

Organic nuts and dried fruit


Organic honey from Piedmont

Silvana und Marco are passionate beekeeper.

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